You must have heard many ghost stories

 Today we are going to tell you some funny ghost stories.

We have seen that there are many people who like to listen ghost stories and they give their full attention, listening to ghost stories we bring stories for such people in our blog. We are going to tell you the first story, which you listen very carefully and please don't sit alone and don't need to worry about this story. It was a long time ago when most of the area of ​​Manesar used to be forest, then there were not many houses in the surrounding area which had maximum forest area. A man who used to go to work in Gurugram, used to return to his home every morning at 6:00 am but one day he was a little late from office, it was around 7:00 pm. Around seven o'clock he left his factory and left for home. He knew that he was late and he was scared as there were so many scary jungles in the middle. There were deserted roads and the roads were also unpaved roads, like there are paved roads today, there were no roads in Manesar and there was no sign of light anywhere. The man had a torch which he was lighting and was watching the way and was moving fast from Gurgaon to Manesar. The night was dark and there was silence all around, only the sound of bats saying ok was coming. The man was breathing very fast and he was panicking he knew it was too late but now he can't do anything now he has to go home and he was increasing his pace to walk. Suddenly he feels that someone is following him, he gets more nervous he starts to panic and he starts thinking who could be who is following me. He boldly decided to turn back and as soon as he looked back, he saw a hare that was following him, he found some courage. Suddenly a voice came to that person that where are you going in the night as if that person has stopped breathing and he again looks back with great courage, then he sees the same rabbit behind. After looking around, he picks up his pace and starts running louder, his breathing continues to increase and his nervousness is also increasing, then again there comes a sound that you didn't tell where you were going .   You can read the next story in our second block.


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